An alternative resource for mental health and spiritual growth.

I believe there’s a spiritual element missing in mainstream mental health.

Spiritual treatments are difficult to scientifically measure and based on experiences rather than quantitative data.

About me

Hey, I’m Adam

In my twenties I found meditation and spiritual connection helped me recover from depression and anxiety, then I went on to work in mental health as a nurse.

I like to believe we are all on spiritual journeys and to grow we must be open and receptive to the experiences that come our way.

Why did you create this resource?

What motivates me is a wish to have positive impact on your life.

This will be the resource I wish I had when struggling with mental health issues in my twenties.


Right now I only have a blog and Instagram feed that I hope to post too weekly. When I get more time I plan to add more resources to the site.

Oh and please thumb up my posts if you find them helpful, because it encourages me to post more and don’t worry, it’s completely anonymous.