Does energy healing help resolve trauma?

Energy healing is a popular alternative treatment for all manner of illnesses and bodily ailments, including mental health and trauma. In this article I will shed some light on to this ancient form of healing and list the different types available.

Going through trauma is frightening, not only for the experiencer, but for loved ones who are unsure how to handle them.

When trauma is not resolved, it can fester in negative patterns, causing anger, depression, addiction and acting out the trauma in destructive ways.

So how might spiritual healing help resolve trauma and is it for real?

Let’s first see what energy healing is..

On a spiritual level, energy is also known as chi or prana, and that energy is constantly moving around the body, passing through points known as chakras. For my article about kundalini, I created the chakra diagram below.

Chakras kundalini awakening image

Wiki talks about life force which helped me understand the energy source

“Life force-Spirit (vital essence), the vital principle or animating force within all living things, according to folk belief” (Life Force – Wikipedia)

I think it’s true that, from both a psychological and a spiritual point of view, blocks can happen when something bad happens.  Negative thought patterns in a psychological sense, and an unbalanced chakra system in a spiritual sense.

Does energy healing help trauma? It depends on your beliefs and where you stand spiritually or psychologically. Do what you believe will be most beneficial to you.

More on energy healing later, what about trauma..

What exactly is trauma?

Trauma is part of life, and we all experience stressful events, some more severe than others, and we don’t always deal with the traumatic experience when it occurs.

I have many examples of people I’ve worked with who have had traumatic experiences; many of the conditions we treat in psychiatry, such as bipolar disorder, major depression, drug addiction, anxiety disorders, and PTSD, can be traced back to trauma.

Working with John, who served in the military in his twenties and witnessed the horrors of war first-hand, revealed that he did not process the traumatic experiences and now suffers from PTSD.

Tommy is now in his sixties, experienced childhood trauma, and was sexually abused as a child; he also has bipolar disorder.

Sally suffered emotional trauma and was bullied in school, suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, and is now dependent on benzodiazepines.

What is the process of energy healing?

Energy healers believe that there is a spiritual element called “life force” that mainstream medicine ignores, and that you can learn to use this force to heal others. You are transferring your energy to another person. When we delve deeper into the subject, we can discuss the transference of frequencies or vibrations. Su Mason’s research paper contains additional information about studies.

Types of Energy healing


Reiki is the most well-known energy healing technique; healers place their hands on various parts of the body to remove “energy blocks” and rebalance the chakras.


Visualisation entails the concept of absorbing positive energy and expelling negative energy. You could imagine an orb absorbing all negative energy and then removing it from your body. You can find my instructions here to try out for yourself


The healing power of prayer and words spoken with the intention of healing others. Prayer is practised by the majority of the world’s religions.

Qi gong

Moving energy around your own bodies with visualisation, breathing, and hand movements is known as an exercise and meditative practise.

Tai Chi

Using movement and martial arts in tandem to move energy and focus more on form and sequences of moves.


In traditional Chinese medicine, needles are put into key points on your body to balance the flow of energy through channels called meridians.


Pressure from the hands and fingers, similar to acupuncture, is used instead of needles to help the flow of energy through meridian points.


Using various yoga poses and breathing techniques to rebalance and unblock your chakras.

Combining energy healing and psychological practise

Energy healing helped me, and I now believe that we all have energy in our bodies that can be manipulated by ourselves or a professional healer.

Maybe we can see energy healing as treating the emotional pain in our physical bodies

“I struggled with anxiety and depression in my youth, and I believe that working with a counsellor and practising meditation, yoga, and Tai chi helped me improve my mental health.  (I felt energy with tingling heat radiating from my hands, I felt blocks moving and releasing in my body and not due to a physical condition).”

So, if you are dealing with trauma, I recommend that you experiment, follow the advice of your healthcare professional, and also try alternative healing treatments.

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