Listening to your body

When you sit still and listen to your body you can learn so much about your mental health. Like when you over work yourself and feel tired then the body feels heavy, dull aches and pains. Or when you get stressed or angry and you might feel tense, sweaty and clammy, or hyperventilate.

Listen to smaller body sensations too

Big things are easy to notice, then there are smaller sensations that can get missed which in time lead to the bigger things. Stress for one can start with tightness in your head, not sleeping well at night, struggling to get to sleep, or a short temper.

Low mood can start with not wanting to get up in the morning, lacking motivation, mood swings, and dull chest pains.

Don’t wait until your overwhelmed to start listening to your body

Listening to your body is being proactive and you can help you beat problems before they get worse. First find a way to be in the now, and not always thinking about the future or the past.

Be in the NOW,

In the ‘now’ means being present with your body and mind and knowing what’s happening right NOW at each second. This leads to higher body awareness.

You don’t have to sit still and meditate, although if you can then meditation is very powerful for body and mind awareness.

Watching television or playing video games takes you away from the ‘now’, whereas mindfulness and thoughtful hobbies – painting, running, crafts can help you stay in the now.

Even cleaning the house and concentrating on the sensations you feel while cleaning Eg. Like the pressure your hand has on the duster, the weight distribution while leaning to take cobwebs down.

Focusing on small body movements. How does the paint brush feel between my fingers, running or cycling and feeling the wind hit your face. Asking these types questions can bring you closer to the Now.

Even ironing clothes or washing dishes can be a mindfulness activity.

So in summary, awareness helps you look after your mental health and stop things before they get out of hand. To be more aware you must live in the now and this takes time and effort.

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