Taoist stress reduction tactics during the coronavirus

Are you Yin or Yang?

The Yin-yang symbol holds its roots in taoism, an ancient Chinese philosophy. (I’m truly fascinated by Asian religion and culture. There’s so much to be learned from history!)

Yin yang symbolises two forces that oppose each other, there’s never one without the other

For example.

I love the symbol and the meaning.  It transcends religion and culture.


Got me thinking about the current state of the world with the coronavirus and how opposing thoughts and opinions can reduce stress and help us get through this difficult time.

Fear of the unknown and courage to get through.

I’m scared about the virus spreading to vulnerable family members, like my parents who are in the high risk category.   The statistics show the risk of death to older people is much higher.  (It’s good to be scared enough to take it seriously).

The opposing force to fear is courage.  Can you be courageous in a time of uncertainty?   Be the reasurance your family needs until things get better?    It takes much courage to face the worse case scenario and be okay with not knowing what the future holds. 

Kindness as opposed to selfishness

Thinking about yourself is normal and there’s nothing wrong with self preservation.  Isolation is actually an act of kindness because you won’t be part of the chain and pass the illness on to others.  

The lines blur when you can do more to help those in need or have a useful skill and choose not to help.  This is a decision we all have to make.

Opposite to laziness is hard working.

If your unable to do your normal work, then you could treat everyday like a holiday and lounge around watching Netflix.   What usually comes with laziness (other then getting fat) is a mental list of excuses why you can’t do more work or a different kind of work.

Hard work is always available and might help you get through this time with a positive mindset. Find tasks to keep you busy.

Here’s some ideas..

Be a great dad or mum, start a new venture, get creative and do those things you never had time to do when at work.

Staying active will help reduce depression and is a needed distraction to the current events.

Fight or give in?

Clean everything, your hands, arms, door handles, pens, phones because cleaning is fighting the virus.  Your killing the virus before it transfers to more people.

‘Give in’ can mean don’t bother fighting the virus.  Another and more productive way to look at ‘giving in’ is to accept what happens is not entirely in your control.  Give in to living in the moment and letting go of things you cannot change.

The End

Stress and worry are the immediate go to responses at times like these. A change in perspective can really reduce knee jerk responses.

I hope my first ever post about Yin and Yang  (opposing forces) and four ideas can help you think differently about the lock down and self isolation.