What does Kundalini Ascension mean?

An interesting Idea on expanding states of consciousness, here is an answer found on Quora by Author: Mr Kevin Harris. I believe this is closely related to the representation of a coiled snake at the base of our back and the uncoiling of the snake is the process of ascension!

Expanding states of consciousness

People probably mean all kinds of things by spiritual ascension, but in Kundalini meditation, there’s a very distinct experience of ascending energy which leads to expanded states of consciousness. Anatomically, there are descending tracts of efferent (motor) signals in the white matter of the spinal column, which decussate (switch sides) at various levels. This corresponds to diagrams of the ida & pingala nadis.

The afferent (sensory) tracts are ascending and lead to various cortical structures of the brain. See the (over)simplified diagram above.

The bidirectional channels form the Shushumna. The gray matter in the center contain the vajrini and chitrini nadis. The column of saltwater at the core is the Brahma nadi. So in meditation there’s a sense of our awareness moving down the front and up the back.

“consciousness expands and looses its tension”

And on the way up our consciousness expands and looses its tension as it decompresses. Our life force frees itself of it’s own constriction. In Kundalini rising, our life force “awakens” into self awareness.

Of course this is a conscious process and only works when we bring our attention inside. That’s what is actually dormant, not Kundalini but our awareness of Kundalini.

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