What is kundalini awakening?

I find the belief we all have the potential to awaken spiritually fancinating. I like to learn as much as I can from more advanced spiritual teachers, reading books and information online.

Here’s some of the information I found about the yoga kundalini.

What does Kundalini mean?

Kundalini comes from a Sanskrit word “Kundal” which means coiled. It’s said to be trapped energy inside your body. A very common image to describe the kundalini energy is imagining a coiled snake at the bottom of your spine. Cultivating a spiritual practice will help the energy release and bring about a spiritual awakening.

Yoga is where the term kundalini originates from so I will only be using termology from yoga to not confuse things. However it’s worth noting that other religions have their own words to describe the process of the kundalini and spiritual awakening.

In yoga there is believed to be Chakras at specific points, throughout your body. Chakras are locked energy in the shape of circler discs. Yogi’s believe you must penetrate the discs to unlock them and release the energy inside.

Chakra, Yoga energy points in your body

The kundalini is at the root chakra located at the base of our spine and when cultivated will travel upwards passing through and opening the other chakras until finally penetrating the crown chakra which is right at the top of your head. Once the kundalini is risen and penetrated your crown chakra then you will be spiritually awakened.

The journey to reach the crown chakra can be fast, slow or never happen in your lifetime. You may follow an intensive spiritual practice every day and never reach an awakening.

Spiritual awakening can happen in many spiritual practices like meditation, yoga breathing, prayer, psychodelic substances, near death experiences and natually.

Although spiritual teachers recommend to avoid drugs and forceful methods because opening your chakras too quickly can cause mental health disorders and other health issues.

How do you raise your kundalini?

The best advice I’ve found is to have a rigorous spiritual practice with the intentions to help others and avoid negative and selfish behaviour.

Egotistical and selfish actions push the kundalini back down and kindness and compassion will help your kundalini rise up and unlock the chakras.