Energy visualisation meditation instructions

Visualisation exercises can be a powerful self-help technique for improving mood and spiritual health, as well as feeling better about yourself and life in general. Whether you believe in universal energy or the healing power of the mind. I believe you will benefit from this simple energy healing visualisation.

  1. This can be done seated or standing.
  2. Pay close attention to where your feet make contact with the ground.
  3. Grounding – At that point, feel the energy exchange between your feet and the ground. Feel the Earth’s connection
  4. Now turn your attention inward, to the internal energy, imagining the spark of light that is your true self, your life force, your soul, a ball of light inside your body.
Grounding – best to take your socks off and stand outdoors on soil
  1. Do not be concerned if you cannot “see” this; simply feel or recognise the presence of this energy within your body.
  2. Now, focus your attention upwards into the universe until you see or experience a distant point of light – the universal energy or divine light, the source of peace, love, healing.
  3. Keep the goal of connecting this light to your life force in mind.
  4. Allow this connection to take place as the universal energy descends towards you. Feel, see, sense, or simply “know” that Divine energy is entering your soul, strengthening it, and restoring your sense of wholeness.
  5. Allow this light to continue to spread outward, feeding and healing every cell in your body.
  6. Consider the light spreading an arm’s length beyond the boundaries of your body in all directions-to the sides, above and below your head, and especially behind you.
Imagine the universal energy filling your body with positive energy
  1. Consider this powerful, calm, loving, and energising
  2. Light entering you and enveloping you as a protective sphere.
  3. Return your attention to the soles of your feet and feel your connection to the soil.
  4. When you feel grounded and your energies have returned to a level for normal daily activities, open your eyes.
  5. This is a very powerful healing visualisation because it raises your inner frequencies. Perform this task as often as necessary throughout the day.
Then energy spreading out and surrounding your whole being

Hope it helps you and to learn more about energy healing and the different types available then you can read the post I wrote about how might energy healing help with unresolved trauma

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