How to live like the Buddha

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Siddhartha Gautama, also known as The Buddha (Awakened One), gave up his money and family to live a strict, disciplined life and avoid the pleasures of living as a prince.

So, to live like the Buddha did, we must first learn how to say no to others trying to persuade us to do the wrong things, not give in to temptation and choose your own path.

Embrace suffering

The Buddha accepted suffering as a part of life and even used suffering as a learning experience to advance spiritual practice. 

So, do not be afraid of suffering and embrace it as a stepping stone to growing as a more enlightened person.

Don’t go overboard with your practice

The Buddha followed a disciplined approach, believing that self mortification, eating leaves and wearing rags, would lead to enlightenment. After years of suffering and struggling, Gautama stopped the strict life, not getting any closer to his goal.

Accepting suffering and not avoiding negative emotions and thoughts will improve self-awareness, but don’t needlessly suffer, neglecting your health and wellbeing. 

Striving for Nirvana.

Buddha remained determined to reach Nirvana (enlightenment) until finally reaching this new state while seated in meditation under a banyan tree.

Living life with the intention and the determination not to give up in order to achieve your goals is encouraged.

Don’t follow others.

Buddha always instructed his followers not to trust him and to test everything out for themselves rather than follow gurus and experts.

Believing in your ability to follow the right path is not always easy. Mistakes are going to happen, and that’s all part of growing and learning.

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